Invite a Friend

Invite your friends to Persalute and earn a 10% discount voucher (log in or create an account to get the coupon)

What it is: You can earn a 10% discount coupon for each friend who invites. This is our way of thanking you. You can use this discount for any purchase on our site

How it works: Invite your friend with Facebook, Twitter, Google + or e-mail. Your friend will receive an e-mail with the invitation link for buy on our website using a 10% coupon. Few steps And that’s it. Validity of the coupon 90 days.

When will I receive the Coupon? : When your friend will make the purchase using the coupon you received, you will also receive an email with your coupon equal to 10% of the amount spent by your friend, to be used for your next purchase of Ginseng. Validity coupon 180 days.