What is Korean Red Ginseng ?

Ginseng is a natural shrub whose root has properties considered beneficial to humans.

The ginseng plant grows in mountainous climates, humid and rainy.

There are different species according to their place of origin:

South Korea (Panax ginseng)
China (Panax pseudoginseng)
Canada (Panax quinquefolius)
Siberian (Eleutherococcus)

The first to discover it and use it were the Chinese thousands of years ago. Because of intensive harvesting occurred over the centuries, is now rare to find the wild root. The entire Ginseng market today cultivates the root, as you see in the image on the left.


A Natural Remedy

Ginseng is a natural remedy, it is not a medicine, it does not produce immediate effects, but should be taken with a view to cultivating your own health and vitality gradually, in harmony with the rhythms of the body.
In the East, Ginseng is widespread; Ginseng is frequently used as a remedy for the care and psycho-physical well-being.

In Europe, Ginseng is not cultivated due to unsuitable climatic conditions. However, Ginseng is now becoming well known and used.


In the past, the eastern populations were not aware of the active ingredients contained in the Ginseng plant: they simply used it, found it beneficial, and passed it on to the later generations.
Today, scientific research has identified that this root contains dozens of active ingredients, from vitamins to amino acids. Several in-depth studies show the main active components of ginseng that promote the well-being are saponins, also known as “ginsenosides”.

Effects of Korean Red Ginseng

Red Ginseng is a plant with energizing properties well known to the world:

Tonic tonic and herbal energizer
– It c
an help strengthen the defenses of the immune system, the endocrin and nervous system
It can help reduce stress and neurosis (resistance to heat, cold, chemical intoxications)
It can help with blood pressure regulation
– It c
an help enhance physical performance
It can help improve mental performance
It can help prevent early aging
It can improve sex life by stimulating sexual desire and functions
It can help reduce the excess fats and sugars in the blood, thus acting on the liver and detoxification of systems
It can act beneficially in the resolution of some sexual problems, such as male impotence, aorgasmia and lack of desire. A high level of stress, in fact, is one of the main factors that negatively affect sex life.


Korean Red Ginseng is better than the other types of Ginseng.

There are big differences in quality among the various species of ginseng.
The production of best ginseng quality in the market today is that of South Korea where the Panax Ginseng is grown in immaculate mountain plantations. Among the many ginseng species, the Korean red ginseng is generally considered the best for its beneficial properties.

Here is why:

  • It contains higher amounts of saponin (ginsenosides: active ingredient) than the others: the 6-year Korean red ginseng contains a total of 34 species of saponin (ginsenoside). Contrastingly, Chinese ginseng contains 15 species, 14 in the American ginseng and 8 in the Japanese ginseng.
  • It is cultivated with a cure without equal: selection of the most suitable land according to the climate and soil characteristics; cultivation of roots for 6 years (development under the soil); long cultivation and care process to get only the best roots of ginseng; planting only those roots with superior quality; continuous care of fields and regularly controlled by supervisors.
  • Production controlled and certified by the GMP (the system that certifies the production quality control, strictly conducted throughout the entire process, from buying the ingredients, production, to packaging).
  • Accurate processing with a patented 9/10 cycles in delicate steam at 95 ° for 3h, in addition to drying until obtaining a moisture content of 14%. With this fundamental process, enzymatic reactions take place which eliminate all toxins. The root takes on a dark brown color (from which the name red ginseng originates) and 34 species of saponins (ginsenosides) are fixed to preserve long-properties.
Korean red ginseng of 6 years: 34 saponins
Chinse ginseng: 15 saponine
American ginseng : 14 saponine
Japanese ginseng : 8 saponine

The efficacy of Korean ginseng is given by the harmonic and balanced presence of ALL ITS GINSENOSIDES. Obviously the higher the number of ginsenosides present, the more active and effective the Ginseng.

Persalute imports only genuine products of Korean red ginseng with a quality among the best in the world.