The Korean Red Ginseng is better than white Ginseng.

Here because:

Red ginseng is more tolerated by the human body than white ginseng.
It contains larger amounts of saponin (ginsenosides: active ingredient) than the other: 6-year Korean Red Ginseng contains a total of 34 species of saponin (ginsenoside), Chinese ginseng 15 species, American ginseng 14 species, Japanese ginseng in Contains 8 species.

  • It is cultivated with unmatched care: selection of the most suitable soil according to climate and soil characteristics; Root cultivation for 6 years (development under the soil); Is the long cultivation process and care to get only the best ginseng ingredients; Planting only of plants with superior quality; Field care and supervised by supervisors
  • GMP certified and certified production (it is the system that certifies the quality control of production and is strictly conducted throughout the process, from the purchase of ingredients, production, packaging)
  • Accurate machining with a patented process of 9/10 delicate steam cycles at 95 ° for 3h plus drying until a moisture rate of 14%. With this fundamental process there are enzymatic reactions eliminating all the toxins, the root assumes the characteristic dark brown color (from which Red Ginseng) and also the 34 species of saponins (ginsenosides) are fixed to preserve the properties for a long time.

The effectiveness of Korean Ginseng is given by the harmonious and balanced presence of ALL GINSENOSIDES. Obviously the higher the number of ginsenosides present, the more active and effective the type of ginseng.

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